How to lose weight?


How to lose weight?

The emergence of excess weight different factors that influence. Someone suffering from it due to the sedentary lifestyle, others do not eat. Постоянные стрессы могут тоже привести к появлению лишних килограммов. To combat obesity you need to install the correct diet. balanced diet, you can get rid of the extra kilos in a few months.

In the morning you should drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, and from eating oatmeal with fruit.

The dinner is better to eat vegetables, and the evening reception food can consist of foods rich in proteins. for instance, eggs, boiled fish or meat. Tea and coffee can be consumed in any amount, but without sugar. For burning excess fat can drink tea with ginger. To do this, we need two tablespoons of ginger and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Lemon juice and ginger poured boiling water and infuse. The resulting broth was added into a tea spoon.

Dining need not later 17.00.

But proper nutrition can delay the process of burning excess fat for months, so it does not fit all. Лучшим средством от лишнего веса будут интенсивные физические нагрузки. Многие, think, that exercises for the most part should be aimed at strengthening the abdominals. But it's not right - We need to intensively train the entire body. To do this, fit the morning or evening jog.

In winter you can do cross-country skiing in the near woodland or forest park. Ridge skiing much milder effect on the spine than the usual run, which sometimes is not always suitable for people with problems or pain in the spine. And the emotional component of skiing lessons in nature can not be compared with running in circles around the stadium or in the city.

If the weather does not allow for a jog, you can replace it with a jumping rope, which is also desirable to use weights or you can "ride" at least 15-20 minutes velotrenažere. It is also very good at home rowing mini trainer or elliptical trainer for the semi-floor walk-jogging.

Of course, exercises for the abdominal muscles are also necessary. You can start with thirty times, increasing with each passing week the number of repetitions to ten times. Water in the body after exercise should be restored with the help of non-carbonated mineral water, and completely abandon sweet soda water.

After strenuous exercise, aimed at burning fat, should give up fatty, salty and sweet foods. The emotional component in this issue is also very important. the main thing - believe in yourself, do not stop by and observe proper nutrition. Over time, the body will get used to training and will not be able to do without them.