How has the computer literacy of the world?

How has the computer literacy of the world? rapid development in the field of information systems and technologies requires a constant infusion of highly skilled experts. It is in higher education institutions preparing staff, which subsequently will melt your IT - companies, graduates specializing in the study of IT, today are in demand not only in Ukraine but all over Europe. Due to the very rapid development of the European markets for our staff great opportunities to demonstrate their skills and expertise in the creation of software projects outside the country.

As many European countries offer for our software projects and development specialists implementing these projects, very attractive offers in terms of wages and implementation of their professional capabilities.

Number of universities and academies, are engaged in the training of specialists in the field of information technologies too high in Ukraine, because in our country every five - six more than is available specialists, which have higher education, than in the whole of Europe and America. At the same time the quality of education leaves much to be desired. Thus, education in the field of computer technology in Ukraine requires major changes and improvements. To cite an example of one of the training centers in Kiev, which provides training for IT generalists, here is the link:

During monitoring of the value of education official website of Ukraine the following indicators have been established: около 15% graduates are very high knowledge, 40% - high; 38% - average; 7% - Graduates emerge from higher education institutions? not having any knowledge. In this case, the ability to work with the flow of information and the ability to quickly find answers to own - 49 % graduates, and about 27 % - Graduates possess general knowledge in all subjects.. computer courses Base computer literacy knowledge, where there are about 50 years remained unchanged. But at the same time every 3-5 s introduced the latest programming system, which should be introduced in the university curriculum, which entails some difficulties. So when you change certain programming framework is necessary to re-educate the entire faculty of the university. When building his career computer scientists often have to relearn, veer, region, technology, who meet on their careers.

Often graduates find, that their teaching is not right, that they do not need those basic, fundamental knowledge in the field of information technologies, they receive the initial courses at universities.

Young professionals are confident, that for a successful career they will have enough knowledge of new technologies without the basics of IT. But this view is not correct and this understanding comes much later, when the specialist is faced with complex IT projects in a professional manner.

The fundamental basis of knowledge and skills is very important for employers. To date, according to Dmitry Filippov versatile specialists are not in great demand, since the rapid change in the information technology world extorts from IT professionals the flexibility, bystroobuchaemosti, the ability to quickly rebuild .This most important quality, should possess a qualified graduate student, besides good basic knowledge. But at the same time highly professional should own and other related knowledge for a successful career.

Conference participants emphasized the fact, that at this stage of rapid development of IT in our country we need a standardized system of training young professionals. It is necessary to introduce a system of education, in which the student has to 2-3 the training course will be able to choose the field of study, which will demand the labor market.

This question is important because, that today many professionals working in the IT field are educated at all other specialties and areas, but this does not prevent them from working and achieve great success in the industry. For, to transform the education system into a more flexible and in demand, Please enable reception on a specialty IT specialists and masters, who have a bachelor's degree related professions. Today, very acute issue of teaching in the universities special displin. In recent years, these teachers are engaged, which have a very different specialization and have practical skills in these IT projects. This situation can be remedied through special IT- companies, are engaged in training and retraining of personnel in the production. But as experience shows in our country after such a practical retraining, a large number of teachers make decisions about changing jobs.

In this case, you can find other ways to solve the problems with personnel, you can enlist the help of experts from specialized IT companies, are engaged in the teaching service and teach practical lessons for students at the University, but their services are worth much more than the payment of university teachers working.

Not a few important questions to the participants of the conference also referred to the lack of research and lack of experience in the group. But even here, the IT company can come to the aid of universities, they can create a scientific research laboratory. Such projects are already being implemented in Ukraine, for example the program "University Alliance SAP», but so far these are individual projects and they cover only a few universities in Ukraine.

The first standard techniques IT training started using in Belarus. IT companies sending their staff to universities in order, to conduct workshops with students, also to make innovations in the curriculum, helping to open new specialties in the field of IT, organize scientific research laboratory for students.

For significant progress on the preparation of new professionals in the IT industry last year traced, but still today, our experts are not quite ready to operate in European markets. A new program "IT Country", This program is aimed at providing benefits and discounts when you create a new IT training centers- learning, short-term IT training. These steps need to improve links between the IT training and IT - companies. But whether this program will meet all the needs placed upon it or not will see later.

In the conference took part experts from different universities they had lit a variety of topics regarding the radical changes in education, Due to the IT - Business, improve and control the quality of education. Community professionals - teachers have high expectations for the, all made at the conference and suggestions, as well as the experience of the neighboring countries of Belarus will be used in the implementation of new approaches in IT education, as well as the training of qualified specialists in IT- sphere in Ukraine.

The author: Training Center ITstolitsa.