How to recognize compulsive behavior in a relationship

How to recognize compulsive behavior in a relationship

People often meet, who turn into a crazy stalker after a few harmless dates. therefore, before you have to take a restraining order against your new chosen one, find out, how to recognize compulsive behavior in a relationship.

Difference from normal people

Obsessive people are often insecure. They will usually bombard you with messages and phone calls., even if you already told them, what are busy or unavailable. And if you don't answer right away, this person will quickly get angry and upset.

When you like someone, this is normal, when you want to know more about this person. Normal people ask questions during dates and show a reasonable level of interest in your life and everything, as for you. Obsessive people are more likely to spend hours learning every little thing about you online. So that, if a new partner is recognized, that tramples social media sites and contacts his ex, to know more about you, be afraid, be very afraid ...

Surprising you with an unexpected appearance in the office can be romantic.. On the other hand, appear in your house in 11 evenings just because, that they missed you, not. Special, if you already told them, that you had plans for this night.

Beware of man, which the, it seems, intends to hijack every part of your life and tries to encroach on your family and friends for a very short amount of time - this behavior is not healthy.

Taking an unhealthy interest in all aspects of your life is obsessive, and controlling. When a new partner starts making “helpful” suggestions about your clothes, cosmetics, hair and friends, he should ring loud.


Beware of man or woman, who declare eternal love for you only after a few dates. No one denies, that sometimes you can fall in love at first sight, but most of us need a little more time, to solve, is a person worthy of our love. However, possessed types often go from first date to "I can't live without you" in the blink of an eye. So that, if your new partner threatens to kill himself because, that you canceled the date, they, probably, are at the mercy of an unhealthy obsession with you. your partner possessed, therefore it is very important to listen to your gut feelings about the relationship. If you are flattered by your partner's attention, then relax: they are just madly in love with you, and everything is great. But if receiving so much attention makes you uncomfortable or unhappy, think about, what's your partner - obsessed stalker with some serious problems.

Ending an obsessive relationship can sometimes be difficult., but never succumb to suicide threats or worse. And if you feel danger at any moment, seek professional help immediately.

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