how to celebrate the new year 2019 year of the pig

how to celebrate the new year 2019 year of the pig

Telling, how to do this at home.

Is it possible to come up with something cooler for an unprecedented year, how to grow a green tree on your head? Instagram has a new trend - a hairstyle in the form of a solemn tree. Just follow the hashtag christmastreehair, to appreciate the full extent of madness.

Photo: @pouthairsalon

May be, someone decided to revisit the good old comedy “The Grinch - The Christmas Robber”, after which she was inspired by the hairstyle of the girl Cindy. Well, and now web users are sophisticated in fantasy, creating incredible Christmas trees from your own hair.

Photo: frame from the film "The Grinch - The Thief of Christmas"

so, to build something like that, you will need a glass, or cone, or a plastic bottle - it all depends on the length of your hairstyle. Gather the hair around the bottle and secure it with an elastic. Next you will need a lot of hairspray, to fix the "tree". And if you want, so that it is green, use color spray for hair, which after the party is simply washed off with water. Just remember to cover your face with a towel before, how will you spray, otherwise you will have to celebrate the New Year in the form of the very Grinch.

Now it remains to dress your Christmas tree with tinsel, toys and other holiday decorations. Well, and they, who decided to really light, can hang a garland of flashlights on your hair, which runs on batteries. They are, by the way, just hiding behind their backs under clothes.

Look at this publication in Instagram

Posted by Salon Vogue Hair (@salonvoguehair) 1 Dec. 2018 at 9:04 PST

If the hair length does not allow such tests, you can always use a wig or hairpiece. But here's how men with short haircuts come out of the situation.

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Well, now we offer to see, what other New Year's madness can you create on your own head?.