How do Valeria and Joseph Prigogine eat?: latest star news 2018

How do Valeria and Joseph Prigogine eat?: latest star news 2018

The star revealed all the secrets of nutrition and told, that Joseph Prigogine lost weight on 10 Kg.

Despite the constant lack of time, stars all the same every now and then say in an interview, that they work at home - someone cleans up, someone is cooking for the whole family. Valeria decided not to be cunning and told, that her whole family has been sitting on the food delivery services for almost a year now.

true, one detail changes everything: No secret service, who feeds the whole family of stars, owned by Valeria herself. The singer developed it for about a year back together with professionals - experienced nutritionists., cooks and even fitness trainers.

Photo: @valeriya

“I have been eating right from time immemorial and almost all of my“ healthy ”years I intuitively understood what I needed, and what not. We put together a team, worked out the details for a long time and still did what they wanted. There are no goods in my refrigerator now, only boxes of prepared food. We eat them with the whole family.! Calculated the required number of calories, dishes do not repeat for a month. For me it is a perfect option!»

The star also admitted, what, eating on the latest system, Joseph Prigozhin lost weight on 10 kg in just two months. true, later the couple went on vacation and the producer gained weight again.