Irina Saltykov in 52 year looks on 20: a photo 2018

Irina Saltykov in 52 year looks on 20: a photo 2018

The singer obviously knows the secret of eternal youth.

Ira Saltykova celebrated in May 52 of the year, but own age from fans, she does not hide. in front of, even proud of it. Who would not be proud of, I had looked, as a singer, half his age?

Saltykov shared with worshipers fresh image, where it looks the same, as a young man. it seems, over the years, the actress did not are imperative - the perfect porcelain skin and a radiant smile remain unchanged.

A photo: @irinasaltykova_official

In this case, Ira repeatedly told in interviews, that is the beauty of opponent shots and basically cosmetic injection - has seen enough of the bad consequences of his colleagues and acquaintances procedures. All this she prefers facial massage, spa treatments and a good's Skin Care.

daughter Saltykova, Alice, too not once talked about the beauty secrets of his famous mother. "How to look just as good? I need to stay in the baby shower. Always be malehankih, good, fun and a little spoiled girl. And when you're so in the shower, It comes from you positive, you go from an adult film, experience ... Then you have to be happy face, contentment, snow-white smile in 33 tooth, we all know. We see it later 20 years, nothing will change!"- she said. And we tend to believe that. At least, in recent years, Ira precisely not a drop has not changed.

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Figure Ira, too, can envy even young girls. However, she does not just accept, that the diet does not favor, and may even allow for self-calorie foods. true, not constantly, but if you really want - why not eat what something tasty. All the matter in genetics - Ira never been particularly inclined to corpulence.

And Saltykov engaged in choreography with the coach and thanks to such pressures may allow themselves to pose in a bikini and collect thousands of compliments from fans. We have gathered the freshest photo Saltykova, that prove, that look great at any age.