Where you can learn makeup from scratch?

Where you can learn makeup from scratch?

Dreaming of becoming a makeup artist, what could be more attractive? Implement your ideas in the beauty industry and develop your future career? This is possible even for residents of small towns.!

What you need to know, choosing a school and a course in makeup? First of all, need to get feedback on a specific course. The course program should also be evaluated. There are certain criteria, by which a certain conclusion can be made on the quality of future learning.

How many hours are included in the course program? The basic course should consist of 100 theoretical and practical lessons. In most schools, the lesson is 45 minutes. AT the lesson lasts 1 time. If you plan to study in another city, then the intensive course is suitable for you.

What the basic course should be about?

The course should include the study of all types of makeup, as well as demanded techniques, who can bring you income.

Who will be your teacher? Practitioners should train, with relevant knowledge and skills.

What the work of school graduates should look like? View Alumni Portfolio, study the demand for graduates of this school in the field of make up services, read reviews.

Can you become a practicing master?

A basic makeup course should be the startup of your career. It must include all the necessary knowledge and last at least one hundred hours..

How much can training cost?

To understand the adequate cost of the course, calculate the cost of one hour of class. You also need to know, what is included in this cost, such as makeup consumables.

Studying makeup in a large city can be a great prospect for your future career.. Make up a school in a big city can provide quality education, more prospects, useful acquaintances, become an incentive for career growth.

Choosing Make up school for quality education, pay attention to the Make Me Up Studio school & School in Odessa.

At school, you can take professional training courses, and become an eyebrow master, makeup specialist, hairstyle, aerial makeup. Courses from MMUSS makeup artists offer the most comprehensive training programs, individual approach, the opportunity to participate in a TV show. Lessons are held in the center of Odessa, at street Pasteur house 34. MMUSS school prepares masters - professionals from scratch. After graduating from our school, you can immediately work in the beauty industry.

Our students have a unique opportunity to intern at image events, at fashion shows and beauty contests. Today, the make-up school in Odessa is a partner of Odessa Fashion Day, London College of Fashion, MA "Teffi". Our specialists created images for such magazines, как Flannel, London College of Fashion, ANTVAN, Makeup + You Professional, University of the arts London. Our teachers and students are participants in fashion week, TV shows on popular Ukrainian TV channels. We work with well-known brands, like Wella, Matrix, The Pearl, Lacoste, Paul Mitchell. The clients of our students and teachers are Nadezhda Meikher, Vasilisa Frolova, Anna Trincher, and other famous people of show business.