Finns – measured people, balanced and unflappable


Finns – measured people, balanced and unflappable

The harsh Scandinavian nature with many lakes, rivers and low mountains left a definite imprint on the character of the people living in it - Finns. Usually, they lead a regular life, balanced and imperturbable. Also affects quite a long winter is not particularly northern Finland.

Зимний season on g длится с ноября, and sometimes from October to May, ie. 9 months of the year. Finns are very fond of skiing and downhill skiing. Many of them have contributed to the world of winter sports development, cross-country skiing, biathlon and ski jumping. Who she does not know the skier Tania Poutiainen, silver medalist of the Olympic Games 2006 in the giant slalom and repeated winner and medalist of the Championships and the World Cup, or such as the famous snowboarder Roope Tonteri, Markus Malin, Janne Korpi, Piet Piyronen or world champion and X-Games 2011 year in slopestyle Enni Rukajärvi.

In Finland, the very ski and snowboard sport is well developed through more than 120 various ski resorts of all sizes. In general, they are not big and are comparable with the Moscow region Soroceanu. Most of these resorts is located in the south and central parts of it. Larger resorts are located in the North, the most popular and well-known - Ylläs, Arm, Levy, Himos. On the bulk resorts elevation changes are not large - up 100-200 m. Spas equipped with the latest modern equipment ski lifts, cafes and restaurants. Trails are always prepared well and regularly ratrachatsya.

организует, eg, a company like "Highway" from St. Petersburg. The highest (if the word mountains, generally applicable to Finland, rather, it is the high hills and the hills) resort, Ylläs located in Lapland at heights 265 – 718 m. There is a more 40 km of slopes served by a modern system of chairlifts and ski lifts.

The resort Levi, also located in the north of the country on the heights 220 – 512 m - more 45 km of trails and 20 lifts.

Quite popular with Finns, and in the autumn school holidays, and the Russians have enjoyed Ruka. He is a little closer in distance from St. Petersburg than its larger neighbors to the north - Levi or Yullyas. In Hand 28 km of trails 4 kreselki and 14 ski lifts. height 249 – 493 m. Сюда вас может довезти удобная прямо от подъезда вашего дома.

Another popular resort of Finland - Vuokatti (height 170 – 431 m) with a southern exposure. There are only 13 km of trails and 8 lifts.

Usually, close to all the resort has a cozy spa resorts with comfortable hotels and cottages, apartments have everything needed for a relaxing, measured rest after skiing: кухню, living room with fireplace, sauna, bedrooms, etc.. In the villages there is a good infrastrutura - food stores and sporting goods, restaurants and water parks. Cross-country skiers in Finland in general expanse around them every ski resort, you can find hundreds of kilometers.

On ski resorts in addition, you can have fun riding on reindeer and dog momtosanyah kprazhkah. Play a game of tennis on the indoor courts, badminton and squash. Visit the fitness centers and gyms.