Ekaterina Andreeva doing yoga with a cat

Ekaterina Andreeva doing yoga with a cat

The presenter uses a pet instead of weights.

In their 56 years leading program “Time” looks great. What is the video with her jump into the pool in a swimsuit or a photo in microshorts.

The star is constantly engaged in a variety of sports, starting from visiting the gym and boxing gym and ending with pilates and yoga on the canvases. Add to this only proper nutrition and discover the secret of Andreeva’s youth.

Photo: @ekaterinaandreeva_official

“Everyone has the inalienable right to ruin a life for himself. These are the words of one of the most successful lawyers., my husband's teacher. Many faithfully follow this principle and spoil everything for themselves - health and life.. Everyone will ever leave this world, but we choose the quality of life ourselves. And about food: on fried sausages, mayonnaise, ketchup, canned food, cake, sugar, poison cola in youth, energy, you can’t drive beauty. But the club early aged - just, like clockwork ", - Catherine shares.

This time, the presenter decided to tell the fans not about nutrition, and show, how the form helps, without leaving home, but it didn’t go according to plan. Suddenly, her furry reddish favorite joined the hostess and began to show together with Andreeva, what is yoga at home.

"Not, well ok, how do you like this? She, you see, dumbbell decided to purchase for classes! What am I?"- signed Andreeva video.

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Published by Ekaterina Andreeva (@ekaterinaandreeva_official) 23 sen 2018 at 9:17 PDT

All that time, while Catherine was doing an exercise, redhead diligently participated and did paw massage to the hostess.

Fans of the presenter were ecstatic from the video and immediately began to share similar stories. And many wrote, that not only cats help them to train in a similar way, but also dogs.