Jennifer Lopez has become a pitching: Photo 2018

Jennifer Lopez has become a pitching: Photo 2018

The singer showed cubes on press and biceps steel.

49-year-old Jennifer Lopez has recently begun to take, We saw her fans. At first, she accidentally lit a fold on the belly. Then a walk in New York appeared in a very tight tights, who emphasized an impressive volume of her thighs. A powdery color clothes attached legs singer similarity with sausages.

It seemed, that the star totally relaxed and decided not to follow up his own figure. But it was not there! Jennifer pulled herself together and now proudly displays subscribers inflated body.

Photo: @jlo

Can, to Lopez so fans criticism affected, and can, her favorite - the baseball player Alex Rodriguez - found what motivate krosotku, but, seem to be, Now Jay days and nights spent in the gym.

By the way, former star repeatedly told, that the friction of about three to five times a week and tries to choreographing how often you can. In addition, the bulk of the diet Lo consists of vegetables and fruits. Apparently, she decided to return to the previous regime. And the result is obvious!

truth, in pursuit of the perfect body the main thing - do not overdo it. not hunting, to Jennifer lost her feminine form and completely turned into a pitching. And so with celebrities from time to time it happens.

Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus, Pink, Kaley Cuoco - all they somehow have gone too far with exercises. What came of it - see here. Let's hope, J. Lo did not join the company's ardent sports fans.