Jennifer Lopez: diet, results, a photo 2019

Jennifer Lopez: diet, results, a photo 2019

waist appeared, but not in a bad mood vanished.

Jennifer Lopez can not lose weight. It indicates the photo from the gym to the cubes on the press, then again striking bulky hips and impressive tummy. apparently, realizing, that flawless figure some intense training is just not enough, Jennifer decided to try on a new diet for yourself: 10 days without carbs and sugar.

On the 4th day of such a regime she has walked the streets of Miami in leggings and a tiny bodice sports, showing an almost flat tummy. But with the mood of the singer it was obvious that something is wrong. She could not even force a smile.

A photo: A photo:

Despite the fact that the protein foods with such a diet can have almost unlimited number, Jay confessed her fans, that "very, very hungry".

"It was more difficult, than I thought, - she wrote in Instagram. - Spending 24 hours a day without sugar and carbohydrates, I learned a lot about, that sugar does to the body, and I wish to stay away from this. But when you do not eat carbs, you feel incredibly hungry ".

At the moment, Jennifer fill your diet with new dishes. Judging by her photo report, it's not just meat, but raw vegetables, canned tuna, want without sahara.

Together with the beauty of the star on the same diet sits her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. He feels about the same. "Today I had eggs and avocado. I'm dying. I hope, you are doing a lot better ", - he turned to Jennifer through social networks.

Yet the least a couple determined to continue this food experience, and in the future possible to abandon the harmful products. Well, their willpower can only envy. anchor one's hope, such suffering will not be in vain and Alex Jennifer will come just in perfect shape.

Alex is ready to assist in all your nevestuFoto: Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images>>