Daria Pynzar in a swimsuit without photoshop: news, a photo 2019

Daria Pynzar in a swimsuit without photoshop: news, a photo 2019

Reality TV star finally admitted, that she is not skinny.

Well, living in sunny Turkey, tease subscribers beach photos? Daria Pynzar does it constantly, showing the new swimwear, Crochet mikroşortı. Only now, subscribers are increasingly reproach Woman, that photoshop it pereborschaet. And Dasha finally showed a little video, where her figure is visible warts.

"My weight does not prevent me to stand on my head. I do not thin, but I'm fine and so. Skinny on the beach, by the way, more, than those, someone bigger, because already thinness will not surprise anybody ", - Dasa wrote folloveram.

And those girls honesty appreciated. After all, before "natural" photos Pynzar could only occasionally be seen in her husband's Instagram, and the difference with the, that put in a social network she, It provided a dramatic.

So looks Daria without filters and Photoshop ... A photo: @ darya_pinzar86...as well - usually on its own edited copy Photo: @ darya_pinzar86

Especially Daria donuts can not be called: she is very curvy figure. And excessive thinness, how to correctly saw the star, no longer will draw people, but only scare. many stars, who pursue harmony, pereborschayut with diets and workouts, and look like skeletons. Attractive call them hard, Unlike Pynzar.

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