What is the deadlift?


What is the deadlift?

Deadlift - a base, mnogosustavnoe exercise, that runs, usually, over the bar, weights or dumbbells, held between the legs, using both hands. It is a common element of physical fitness,> one of the basic exercises, performed at competitions in powerlifting (Powerlifting), as well as power extreme. Deadlift bodibildirami used for strengthening and "pumping" of the lumbar muscle, that in future, It allows for better performing sit-ups to pump feet. Становая тяга Technique of this exercise.

Thrust is executed narrow, medium and wide grip, as well as a mixed (raznohvatom) и специальным захватом «в замок». Legs straight or slightly bent at the knees. I put a little wider than shoulder width and very wide (style "sumo"). As weight is most often used on the neck rod strung with "pancakes". If the load weight is used, Shoot from the bar or dumbbells, that keep both hands, then this exercise is called "plie squats". Feet should always be slightly bent at the knees to relieve excessive load to the knee, hands should be extended and straight. The back should be strictly in the direct condition in order, that the burden falls vertically on the entire spine, which "absorbs" it along the whole body, in order to avoid displacement of the vertebrae and spinal injuries. With the right implementation of this exercise can be found, перейдя по ссылке , which in detail discussed her options.

Presses muscle groups.

When performing the deadlift load accounts for almost three-quarters of the total muscle mass. The main burden falls on those muscles, how - erectors, biceps and quadriceps, buttocks, latissimus dorsi, keystone, biceps and forearm. Carrying out the "dead pull", that is, straight legs, athlete additional tensile femoral biceps. In this mode, they start working at the limit, wherein the static voltage. In addition, the load subjected to the upper fraction of the buttocks.

Weight when performing this sort of traction are used quite moderate. Their value is considerably less, than classical, 'Becomes'. For this reason, working with different types of exercise, athletes gain muscle mass most. This exercise is the base.


When performing this exercise, should be very careful and cautious. Great weight and an incorrect statement of the body can lead to serious injuries of the spine. Usually, the vast majority of all athletes use when doing heavy athletics poyas¸ stabilizing the lower back. The use of additional items of equipment - hooks, straps, loops and belt, can significantly reduce the load on hands, thereby reducing the risk of hand injuries to a minimum.