That the advice of an experienced leshmeykery eyelash?

That the advice of an experienced leshmeykery eyelash?

Today, one of the most popular procedures for improving appearance is eyelash. specialists, are engaged in providing services of this plan, They called leshmeykerami. It is important to constantly improve their skills, increase the level of qualification. And since today, this industry is one of the fastest growing among the various beauty treatments, you should regularly check for updates in the field of cosmetics, instruments, as well as many other goods, which are used for eyelash extension.

Especially masters need to carefully treat the issue of sterilization of instruments. Most of the materials, including consumables, should be an individual. То есть, Ideally, they should be disposable and not reused. If we talk about the tweezers, cushion for the lower eyelids, as well as some other structures and devices (capacity to perform), they should properly sterilized.

Usually, it is a "two-tier" sterilization, involving the use of alcohol-containing compounds of special, and the processing in Ovens. In addition to the careful attention to the instrument and its treatment, should acquire specialized products and additional funds. If we talk about the composition - obezzhirivateli, primers, adhesives - they should be as hypoallergenic, tested, certified.

cilia themselves, whereby build-up is performed, You must be created from the finest silk material, imponderable, structurally identical to natural human hairs. All of the above products, as well as many others, you can find on our web site.

More profitable to buy the best products for eyelash online store ! We have many years to implement all necessary for eyelash extension, so any leshmeyker country can feel free to contact us for the purchase of products.

We cooperate with beauty salons, and private master. We are ready to offer favorable conditions for cooperation, which are as pleasing prices, vocational counseling, delivery across the country. We work with the best manufacturers, as a foreign, and domestic. We personally inspect products for quality and appropriateness, so that you do not doubt in our range.

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