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Choosing a costume

Business suit should be any man. Even if you do not like this style of clothing, in any case must still be stored up suit. Suddenly happen important, a momentous event, and you'll have nothing to. Immediately choose a suit is not so easy. Perhaps you already have a suit with the school years, but hardly […]

Fashionable hair ornaments: every day a new you

The choice of hair accessories, and they are now so much - it's not only a great way every day to change his image in accordance with the mood and style of clothing, but also the first assistant in the fight against stress. When you enter the store - just eyes run from the great diversity and variety of colors have been laid out in the windows of gum, zakolok, stealth, crabs […]

Trends autumn 2018

August outcomes, which means, ahead autumn coolness, Falling Leaves and rain. It's time to please your mobile colorful novelty, visit online store covers for phones, and himself - a fashionable handbag or hat. The collections 2018 , the designers do not skimp on accessories. On the catwalks can be seen literally everything: from the legendary French berets to superuzkih […]

Choosing a linen jacket

Итак, We already talked about the various types of linen clothes, and now it's time for, to learn, how to choose a linen jacket. At first, you need to take into account all the features of the figure and only then be determined with the choice. We very much hope, that you are already familiar with all the imperfections and the benefits of the figure. Now […]