blogger revealed, Why cardio worse, than strength training

blogger revealed, Why cardio worse, than strength training

Her before and after photos look very convincing.

Great news for those, who do not like jogging and cardio rest, but he wants to have a small waist and curvy shapes. It turns out, quite unnecessarily killed on the treadmill for a dream body.

Spanish fitness blogger Lucia clearly showed, why jogging and aerobics much worse for the figure, than strength training. Make yourself. The difference between these photos - 2 of the year.

Photo: @freeandfitx

Left Lucia intensively engaged in cardio and dieting. it weighs 53 килограмма (with growing 175 cm) and fear to gain extra, because it is here delayed her waist.

so Lucia, that right, It sits not on a rigid diet. she eats 2500 calories a day, three times a week can easily afford to pizza and feels great.

And she had forgotten about the treadmill. Instead involved strength training: twice a week working on the legs and buttocks, once - on hands, back and press.

In two years, Lucia put on weight 7 kg. And instead of the awkward shape of a teenager found a luxury woman's body. And her waist is now even thinner than it looks, than before.

Photo: @freeandfitx

"And it, that in Waist I added 5 cm. But as my hips, legs and the upper body is increased in volume, the waist and on their background looks slimmer ", - shares the secret of Lucia.

But on the number of blogger advises not to pay attention. She realized something, that the figure on the scales - it is not important. The main thing -, how do you feel in your body.

«Естественно, in two weeks you do not get a seductive forms. Be patient. Will have to seriously work hard ", - glassine Lucia.