Car seat for the child for children

Car seat for the child for children

Car Seat - health and life baby. Now get out on the road on a car with a child in the hands of few people dare. Easier to buy a car seat by visiting and know, that your treasure is safe, that any accident on the road it transcend, that it is always protected. these same seats why, and sell well. Yes, and because, that there are no penalties for this much-needed attribute. A child on the lap of one of the parents or the seat belts have long been a thing of the past - they are not as reliable, as a car seat.

AND, of course, if you are a child often go by car, then you are interested in information about the device - what are the models, as far as they are reliable, on which the weight and age of the child and designed more. Good, that there are a variety of shops, including online stores for kids, where you can find answers not only to these questions, but also, eg, questions, associated with feeding your baby. main criteria, by which we choose - convenience, безопасность, modernity. you can pick up a used copy of the limited resources at. But here you can watch for surprises, in the form of a flaw, which when buying, naturally, do not speak. But it will cause discomfort to your baby. And than, convenience this is the concept of the individual.

Надеюсь, you understand, that the child should he try armchair. There will be a plus, if you know the exact weight of your child's day pokupki.A Now get acquainted with varieties of car seats for children. Their 5:«0» - designed for infants up to lying 1 years and weighing no more than 10 kg. Such chairs are usually combined with a stroller. "0 + 1" are designed for children up to 1,5 years up to 13 kg. "1" are designed for children 1-4 age and weight 9-18 kg. "2" are designed for children 3-7 age and weight 15-25 kg. "3" are for children 6-10 s weight 22-36 kg.

But these groups are not dogma, they are conventional and vary individually. Therefore buy a car seat so, up to a minimum threshold remained 1-2 kg.

There are car seats and multivesovye multivozrastnye - the name itself says, what kind of species. They can save a little, but they are not very recommended to buy, because of the security they are weaker seats, intended for a specific age group. At all, child from 0 to 12 s recommended to change 3 seat.

Each group of children's car seats have their own specifics. for instance, chair of the first group, for hrudnychkov, have a padded straps and anti-shock device for the head. Chairs of the second group for children, who are already sitting, have a skeleton, and quite durable. And in the last two groups can change the belts themselves seats on the vehicle belts.

If the chair has a marking ECE R44 / 03 Universal (European quality mark), and it is absolutely necessary, it means, that it took a full probation in Europe and suitable for human consumption. And good to pass crash test (pre learn about this concept) for your chosen model.

It was only after the answer to all your questions proceed with the purchase of children's car seats - it will save lives and health of your child.