Angelina Jolie: Photo, latest news 2019

Angelina Jolie: Photo, latest news 2019

She should have a rest or go to the beautician.

Before New Year actress dedicates himself to work. At first, she was busy on the set of the second part of "Maleficent", then - Come Away movie about Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. At the moment, the Jolie has been a break, and she spends time in New York with their babies. AND, looking at all, to be a mother - the same work, which is not the easiest.

Paparazzi filmed Angelina, when she took the children to the closed predpokaz film "Boy, who harnessed the wind ". And impossible not to pay attention, Jolie looked very tired. Her issue circles under the eyes and wrinkles clearly denote.

Photo: Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images Photo: Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Yes, not easy to constantly entertain six children - and more recently, Angie, it seems, just that and is engaged. Family constantly see what the excursions, the exhibitions, simply on walks.

But for myself Jolie to take time, seem to be, forgets. And in the privacy of her, too,, it seems, lull. Recall, in the last year of the Hollywood beauty absented many novels, including Keanu Reeves, and British actor Tom Hiddleston. But the actress mysteriously silent, when it comes to something personal. It remains to lay, it with all the love of children still do not forget and about the woman's happiness.