Alla Pugacheva: Photo, latest news 2019

Alla Pugacheva: Photo, latest news 2019

Primadonna younger every day.

Maxim Galkin has laid out a new tender photo, which obymaet beloved wife. "How is it possible? - fans were taken aback stellar couple. - Alla younger every day!»

Photo: @maxgalkinru

Indeed, quite recently, the legend of the Russian platform jokingly associated with Benjamin Button - neither unprecedented picture, then it takes a few years. it seems, she already looks younger than Maxim. some believe, that the whole thing in Photoshop, others they say, that the professional make-up and is able to perform such miracles are not. But Pugachev sometimes shows selfie no make-up and drop completely without filters. And to them it looks excellent, too. A slender legs and excellent figure, which also will draw not just, no matter how hard you try? Will not say, that the star of this year will mark the 70 years old.

"All the same love and the feeling of happiness makes a lady young and beautiful", - converge in the outlook of the majority of fans.

By the way, Pugacheva friend Arina Redel once opened one of the secrets of the beauty of Alla.

- I ask all, Alia like so recently lost weight and more beautiful. And so, that strictly adheres to their diet - the USSR, - shared with Alina. - She came up with the title. It can not be three "c" - sweet, salted, butter. And it takes "r" - days of fasting. A prettier she love - blossoms, when a spouse next, Max looks at always gently, in a special way.

Pugacheva and indeed there is, and will comment on the curious, how she manages to look younger than actual age twice.

- What was once a young man - I learned, I worked, and later. This is not my story. Here you are the voice of: I look good. I have many years, and I wish to warn all the girls are younger: after 45 or 50 in the face of a man lies not age, and essence, my children. So think about it, - Alla newsletters. The full text of her interview can be read here.