65-old Elena Proklova revealed shapely legs in the bath


65-old Elena Proklova revealed shapely legs in the bath

The actress did not hesitate to age and become a towel.

In August, the star celebrated the anniversary, she was 65 years, in that it is hard to believe, Looking at today's photos of Lena. tight, slender and always cheerful Proklova once again substantiated, that she and age - disparate concepts. The actress has posted a report on the network of its own output, their star spent at the spa.

- What happiness, when on Sunday turned out to be an unplanned output. In such a day, you can dedicate time just for themselves. Today I had a rest in the sauna, I swim in the pool and did massage, - Lena shared and added to record images and video without embellishment - in the bath in a towel and hat.

Look at this publication in Instagram

Publication of Lena Proklova (@alenaproklova) 21 Oct 2018 in 7:35 PDT

by the way, Proklova insists, that the very best care of yourself - home, and water treatment and steam room is considered the best means of beauty.

- Be sure to sauna, ice swimming or pouring cold water, homemade cream, correct, mainly vegetarian food, better from your garden. The plus to this is necessary to cheerful mood, ie the desire to create beautiful things in life, good - this is the recipe for a pleasant view for ladies my age, - said the actress in an interview Wday.ru.

Naturally, Photo Proklova of saunas done noise in social networks, and the star has received a lot of compliments. In response to the nice words Lena fans wrote him a prescription favorite hair mask, which improves hair growth and Prevents graying.

We take note and use:

✔Zheltok 1st eggs

✔Chaynaya honey spoon

✔Chaynaya spoon of castor oil

✔ A tablespoon of aloe juice

✔Stolovaya tablespoon olive oil

✔Stolovaya spoon with lemon juice

✔Stolovaya tablespoon apple cider vinegar

✔Stolovaya tablespoon brandy

✔Stolovaya teaspoon of mustard powder

⠀ Mix everything and apply on dry hair. Then close the disposable hair cap or foil and put on a hat or a towel, that all is well warmed. Hold until the coming of a burning sensation.